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Η Δράση μου στο Συμβούλιο της Ευρώπης
Current affairs debate: Recent developments in Libya and in the Middle East: what consequences for Europe?
30 January 2020

Dear Colleagues,
We could very well be standing on the verge of a very detrimental development to the security of Europe and the stability of the Mediterranean.

The most worrying however development which does not seem to adequately alarm Europe is the fact that jihadi fighters have been transported to Libya for combat. Who has been exporting jihadist militias and offensive military equipment there is another matter, even though the answer is obvious. The reality on the ground today is that hundreds if not thousands of jihadi terrorists are fully armed and fighting in Libya, just a hop away from the Italian coast.

As stated yesterday by President Macron, Turkey is violating the arms embargo that was agreed in Berlin just a few weeks ago.

Dear Colleagues, make no mistake. No foreign country has been invited to go to Libya. Libya has been manipulated by Turkey who has taken advantage of the weakened and desperate government of Fayez Al-Sarraj of Tripoli, to strike a barter deal: Sign an illegal agreement splitting up the Exclusive Economic Zones that belong to other countries according to UNCLOS between us, and in return, if you invite me, I will send you military aid. Turkey is also attempting to steal Cypriot natural gas by drilling in plots that the Republic of Cyprus has already assigned to French Total and Italian Eni energy companies.

The Libyan situation has alarmed the entire region including Egypt and the UAE among others who realize the threat of the resurrection of ISIS in the Middle East. Arab public opinion has already been galvanised.

Europe should take a firm stance that any agreements contrary to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is null and void and shall be met with a strong political response.

Europe should take specific steps to ensure that ALL FOREIGN TROOPS and equipment immediately withdraw from Libya and all Foreign Intervention halted.

If we sit and idly watch the situation in Libya unfold, Europe risks re-living the Syrian crisis all over again just much closer to its borders and this will awaken the nationalists and populists in Europe with unforeseen effects.

So if humanitarian reasons are not enough, the political, economic, cultural and social crisis that awaits Europe should be.

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